Simon Hogg

Terrye Danner

Rob Lynch

John P. Brock, Jr.

James David Mason

Membership Coordinator
Andrew Morehead

Members at Large
Karl Jacob (2020)
Gail Hafner (2019)
Freddie Brabson (2018)

Deborah Sanders
Cynthia Moses

Immediate Past Dean
Andrew Morehead


Committee Chairs

Karl Jacob

Tami Newsom 


Brenda Goslee

Prof. Development & Education
Edie Johnson

Allison Ensor - national
Sandi Henry - photos

Andrew Morehad

Seth O'Kegley




Need a Sub!!  Here is a list of those available in our area.

Nicholas Andrews 252-213-5848
John Brock 865-577-7153
Karen Ladd 865-690-9488
Beverly Landguth 865-671-3797
Ericka McCarty 423-562-2197


Past Deans of the Knoxville Chapter

William G. Barnes 1946-47
Earl C. Jones 1947-48
Maurice D. Pederson 1948-49
Alfred E. Lunsford 1949-50, 1954-56, 1971-72, 1985-86
Mrs. R.G. Sawyer 1950-52
Mrs. J.W. Carter 1952-53
Mrs. Harry W. Shugart 1953-54
Jane E. Wauford 1956-57, 1965-66
Mrs. Douglas Kloss 1957-58
William Byrd 1958-59
Wallace Zimmerman 1959-60
Charles E. Hunnicutt 1960-61
Edwin H. May 1961-63, 1966-67, 1986-87
Harry H. Harter 1963-65
Albert Rule 1967-68
James A Bloy 1968-69
Mrs. Roy C. Newman 1969-70
John P. Brock, Jr. 1970-71
William Brice 1972-73
Mary Eleanor Pickle 1974-74, 1992-93
William E. Gray 1974-75
Anne L. Ensor 1975-76
Judy Hunnicutt 1976-77
Sandra S. Murphy 1977-78
Steven A. Clark 1978-79
Laura K. White 1979-80
Dorothy E. Frerichs 1980-81
Margie Johnson 1981-82
James R. Rogers 1982-83
Marilyn Ivey 1983-84
Peggy Dean 1984-85
Brenda Goslee 1987-88
Peter Van Eenam 1988-89
Vance Reese 1989-90
James Winfree 1990-91
Janice Kennedy 1991-92
Wanda Parks 1993-94
Ashley Burell 1994-95
Dawn Thompson 1995-96
Eileen Rudd 1996-97
James Garvey 1997-98
Denny Frost Mullins 1998-99
Timothy A Lett 1999-2000
Christopher Garven 2000-01
Thomas T. Evans 2001-03
Tami Newsom 2003-04
Karen Ladd 2004-05
Sandra Emond 2005-06
Joan McGinnis 2006-07
Timothy E. Bounds 2007-08
Carolyn I. Moser 2008-09
Lon Knight 2009-10
John P. Brock, Jr. 2010-11
Charles Parham 2011-12
Karl Jacob 2012-13
Edie Johnson 2013-14
Deborah Sousa 2014-15
Deborah Sanders 2015-16
Andrew Morehead 2016-17


National AGO

The AGO National Headquarters is in New York City where a full-time staff supports and coordinates publication, administration, and development activities of the organization.

American Guild of Organists
The American Organist Magazine
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1260
New York, New York 10115

Telephone: 212.870.2310
Fax: 212.870.2163


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